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In the past, my art has stretched out beyond «Teatime for a Universe». Find some examples by clicking on this portfolio (partially in German).

>>> Above you can find the artistic portfolio, below you can find th editorial illustration portfolio...

Portfolio – Editorial Illustrations & Cartoons

The portfolio below focusses on Lawrence Grimm's works for magazines and institutions. Go to Contact for collaboration requests.

Critical Thinker
ETH series
comic magazine
editorial illustration
cartoon series
brochure illustration
book illustration
various arts
Insight: Teatime for a Universe


Lawrence Grimm is an illustrator, cartoonist and storyteller of whimsical worlds. He was born in Zurich, Switzerland on July 13, 1978 and is of Australian, German and Swiss nationality. He speaks both English and German. He studied film and was finalist for the Student Academy Awards before becoming a cartoonist.


Lawrence Grimm is specialised in line drawing. He creates all his work with black ink and whiteout tape on paper. View some benefits and specialities of line drawings in the gallery below:


Specialities | science, nature, art, philosophy, society, human identity, lgbt, every day life, psychology


It's absolutely fabulous to scribble worlds of big emotions and tiny happenstances with a single pen (well, several pens of different thickness).

The Works

The Critical Thinker Cartoons | Series for the magazine 42 & the website – Critical Thinking ETH Zurich

Unemployed Robots | "42" magazine, winter 2019
theme: robots that were supposed to take over human activities are "fired" as they don't function well enough (human beats robot.-)
The Fruit of Failure | "42" magazine, summer 2019
theme: how failure after failure also leads to success, learning by failing
The Wide Field of Science | "42" magazine, March 2019
theme: the wide scope of truth in society
Brave New Empiricism | "42" magazine, December 2018
theme: empirical data created by robots instead of humans filling out forms
The Act of Learning | online cartoon, August 2018
theme: learning in today's universities
The Critical Thinker | "42" magazine, May 2018
theme: initial "critical thinking" cartoon

Gallery view (suitable for mobile)

The last page of "42", May issue, 2018
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Illustration | Strapazin

entire illustration (double page)
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Editorial Illustration | Republik

Illustration for the article "Himmelhoch – Höllentief"
by Simon Froehling, about bipolar disorder
On a hill of unread newspapers, two tablets – fresh from the cloud – provide guidance. Illustrated for the article "Die Zehn Gebote der Medienförderung"
  • illustrated for Republik
    online magazine for politics, economics & society
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Momentum Cartoons | Cartoon Series for the Filmbulletin Magazine

Memory Lane Loner | issue 8, 2018
Concluding cartoon of the series
10,000 AD | issue 7, 2018
magazine theme: science meets film
Movie Moon Mariners | issue 6, 2018
magazine theme: movies on ships
The Movie Rider | issue 5, 2018
magazine theme: 1968
Wildlife | issue 4, 2018
magazine theme: documentaries
The Last Video Store | issue 3, 2018
magazine theme: video
What's in the Box? | issue 2, 2018
magazine theme: decor, props and clothing
Writing Process | issue 1, 2018
magazine theme: scriptwriting
  • Illustrated for
    Filmbulletin – Zeitschrift für Film und Kino
  • Cartoons about motion and emotion on the first content page of the movie magazine in its 8 issues of 2018. Mostly the illustrations refer to a main theme of the magazine, like "screenwriting" (cartoon: Writing Process) or "video" (cartoon: The last Video Store).
  • Background color by Bonbon, matching the magazine style
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Scent Festival | Brochure Illustration

Scent Festival | Brochure Illustration

The original brochure illustrations exhibitet in the Bistro Schloss Wildegg during "Festival der Düfte"
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Unterwegs im Land der Phantasie | book illustration

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NGO/LGBT/Cultural Illustration/Ads

Personal Social Media posts and future intents
Strapazin Sticker for Manu Propria
Strapazin Sticker for Bambus Store
Strapazin Sticker for Heldenbar
Strapazin Sticker for Filmpodium
  • Lawrence Grimm's style is suitable for NGO/LGBT organizations as well as environmental concerns.
  • Within his job as publishing manager for Strapazin, he coordinated Cartoons gegen No Billag.
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Storytelling | Various Artforms

Lawrence Grimm is a skilled storyteller. Rather than a single artform, the "essence of narration" is at the center of his work and expands from there. His specialities contain:

  • script doctor for screenplays and texts
  • Visual narration: illustration, cartoons
  • Webdesign, website storytelling, e.g. this website


  • diploma degree in film – writing, directing, editing
  • teaching dramaturgy/directing actors/film worlds
  • 20+ awards/nominations for shortfilms directed / (co-)written by Lawrence Grimm
  • finalist Student Academy Awards "Student Oscars"
  • Storytelling + business: pitching / experience as Marketing & Media Designer
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Insight: Teatime for a Universe

"Teatime for a Unviverse" consists of over 150 cartoons online and hundreds of sketches
  • All cartoons here | go to TagsCategoriesGalaxies
  • View some of Lawrence Grimm's geeky favorites from his cartoon collection:
3D Scrapcreatures | click image for all
3D Scrapcreatures | click image for all
Minicreatures | Click image for all
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License / Publish / Exhibit / Fund

  • Lawrence Grimm licences his cartoons for certain websites and publications.
  • See an example for website licensing here.
  • Contact Lawrence Grimm for inquiries, also for reselling originals, supporting his cartoon quest and more.
  • For exhibiting framed originals in the big wide world, view the example photos.
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Curriculum Vitae | Lawrence Grimm

Born July 13, 1978 in Zurich, Switzerland
Nationality Australian/German/Swiss

    Résumé in reverse chronological order

    • Present | lives, works & scribbles in Zurich
      Teatime for a Universe, a cartoon collection
      by Lawrence Grimm
    • 12.2017 – today | Publishing Director
      Strapazin Comic Magazine
    • 2019 | Double page "Züri brännt!"
      Strapazin No. 137
    • 2019 (and 2018) | editorial illustrations
      Republik online magazine
    • 2019 | Kunststipendien der Stadt Zürich
      group exhibition, Helmhaus Zürich
      audience vote: one of 3 "Favorites of the Hearts"
    • 2019 | Teatime for a Universe – Microchaos
      sam scherrer contemporary, Zurich
    • 2019 | Story Worlds – cartoon and comic workshop for children youths
      Bildschule Aargau, Schule für Gastaltung Aargau
    • 2018 – today | The Critical Thinker Cartoons
      Critical Thinking ETH Zurich magazine 42 and web
    • 2018 | Momentum Cartoons: motion & emotion
      Filmbulletin (in 8 yearly issues)
    • 1. – 3.2018 (occurs yearly) | Teacher Focus Film (3 theory inputs, project support)
      "Art Foundation Course" of the Lucerne School of Art and Design
    • Co-Organising political cartoons against the end of public TV/radio (No Billag, 2018)
    • 2017 | exhibition in the gallery sam scherrer contemporary
    • 2017 | Cartoon Kaleidoscope on a new website
    • 2016 – today | Mini Creatures
      Part 1 (2018: part 2), also on Instagram
    • 2016 | 5 day workshop CTI Entrepreneurship: Business Creation
      HSLU – Lucerne School of Business
    • 2015 – 16 | Inputs on pricing, self-marketing, social media, e-learning/Twitter
    • 2014 | Sketches for a novel
    • 2012 | Unterwegs im Land der Phantasie
      (On the Way in Phantasy Land) illustrations for a book about the Metzenthin Children’s and Youth Theatre by Rosmarie Metzenthin and various contributors, published by Bachmann München
    • 2012 – 2017 | Artistic Assistant
      "Art Foundation Course" of the Lucerne School of Art and Design | Partially also web editor for the research department
    • 2011 – 2012 | kooaba Image Recognition
      Marketing and Media Designer
    • 2008 – 2014 | Exhibitions
    • 2006/07 | Internship (6 months, part-time)
      ARF/FDS Verband Filmregie und Drehbuch Schweiz
    • 2005 – 2008 | board member of Zürich für den Film, film-political activities
    • 2005 | 3-month writing-scholarship in Berlin from the Canton of Zurich, Fachstelle Kultur
    • 2004 | Student Academy Award finalist
      (foreign competition) for the diploma film
      Pas de deux
    • 2003 ongoing | Teatime for a Universe
      the beginning of the cartoon project
    • 2003 – 2010 | Writing stories
      Working on screenplays for short and feature films
    • 2003 | Graduation
      as film director/-writer of the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK)
    • 1999 – 2003 | Student
      of the film-department of the Zurich University of the Arts; main subjects: writing, directing, editing; various award winning short films
    • 1998 – 1999 | Art Foundation Course
      at the Zurich University of the Arts
    • 1994 | Leading role in a feature film
      Shrouded in Mystery / Der Nebelläufer
    • 1978 – 1998 | Growing up
      in the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland
    • July 13, 1978 | Date of birth
    First moves in the world of art | casted as piggy in the theatre play "The Seven Ravens", 1984
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