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“Teatime for a Universe” is a cartoon collection by Lawrence Grimm, who is its copyright owner.

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Artworks are purchasable from time to time.

The possession of an original cartoon does not include the right to publish or create copies of it. The purchase of prints, games or other shop items does not include the right to publish, multiply or create copies of any of the items. A bought item cannot be exchanged, unless if it is damaged. In that case it can be exchanged for another item. A gift voucher cannot be exchanged in any case. There is no money-back-guarantee or exchange for money in any case.


If you would like to publish “Teatime for a Universe” cartoons, please contact Lawrence Grimm. Without the approval of Lawrence Grimm it is not permitted to publish cartoons commercially or privately in any way, including the following media: websites, apps, e-books, e-papers, newspapers, magazines and more; this is a non-exhaustive enumeration. 

In case of publication, which must be approved by Lawrence Grimm beforehand, the collection title "Teatime for a Universe" and the cartoonist's name "Lawrence Grimm" must be mentioned and a link to must be placed.

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