Currently running: Guest at Gluri Suter Huus

  • May 15 until July 3, 2022
  • Artist's talk on July 3, 15:00
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  • For the jubilee of the Gluri Suter Huus 50 works from the collection are displayed, while Lawrence Grimm is showing 22 cartoons on collecting, 33 Teatime-Cartoons, 44 weird objects he "found" on the street and an mural (makes exactly 100 little works).
  • More pics on Instagram @lawrence.grimm

Recent project: Love in the Air, a cartoon mural in Zurich

In the heart of Zurich, at Forchstr. 33, Lawrence Grimm created the cartoon mural "Love in the Air".

Check out loads of teatime-cartoons below and click the underlined words to find topics of your interest!

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