Second Guided Tour through Chaos: Saturday March 23, 14:00, sam scherrer contemporary, Kleinstrasse 16, Zurich

The gallery is open 12 – 16:00 on March 23.
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Exhibition • sam scherrer contemporary

  • Opening event with drinks and snacks:
    Friday, March 8, 2019 from 18–20.00
  • exhibition March 8 – 30, 2019
    open Thursdays/Fridays 14–18.00
    Saturdays 12–16.00, Mon-Wed by agreement
  • Artist tours of chaos:
    Saturday, March 16 & 23 at 14.00
  • Closing event:
    Saturday,  March 30, from 14–16.00
    with a chaos tour at 14.00
  • Gallery sam scherrer contemporary
    Kleinstr. 16, 8008 Zurich, Switzerland
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8 out of over 60 Cartoons and Objects from the Exhibition:

  • Bigger object photos for desktop here.

"And now the tea-slurping universe is entering a new phase. Lawrence Grimm’s second exhibition at sam scherrer contemporary gallery is called “Teatime for a Universe – Microchaos”. And once again – in Monty-Pythonesque fashion, it might be said, and this is one of Grimm’s favourite inspirations – everything revolves round the absurdities of our existence. It deals with everything that goes on in our narrow, restricted world and everything that happens beyond this world. Above all, it deals with the paradox that one thing is inseparably linked with another: self-doubt with the question of the origin and meaning of life. Confidence even in the greatest hopelessness with the occasional realization that it really doesn’t matter. Because we know for sure that the world – with or without me, and independent of the fact that I am happy or deeply unhappy – will just go on turning regardless." Paulina Szczesniak, catalog excerpt

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