News September 2018

The Universe has expanded! Robot-creatures, mini-monsters and magazine illustrations – click the links below to get more cartoons on a specific theme.

Since January 2018 the so-called "Momentum Cartoons" on motion and emotion appear in each issue of the "Filmbulletin – Zeitschrift für Film und Kino" – Click here for more Momentum.

The Act of Learning | The Critical Thinker Cartoons
Series for Critical Thinking ETH Zurich | all pictures

The Octodog Collective – one of a pack of Scrapcreatures, built during the past several years and now gathered online.

3 of 100 Minicreatures

One of meanwhile over 150 Teatime Cartoons on this website. Click here for all cartoons

Zurrealism – Zurich Surrealism

Despite scribbling all cartoons in English, there's a big reference to Lawrence Grimm's home Zurich / Zürich / Züri in "Teatime for a Universe". It's not that typical happy place you may think of. It's more like "the claustrophobic clean meets the gorge of loneliness, the yearning within the sterile, the infinite workers dreaming of the ocean...", that's Zurrealism – Zurich Zurrealism.

Just a little bit of chaos coming up next year – the mess is under construction...


If you know of a weird magazine that needs a weird cartoon series, tell the weird cartoonist.

Last but not least: besides scribbling weird stuff, Lawrence Grimm now works in in the association of Strapazin – The Comic Magazine, which is just as weird and wondrous.

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