Deep within the Amazon Basin, the Xingu and the Fresco Rivers flow, inhabited by the power animal of "Teatime for a Universe" – the Xingu River ray.


The Zurich gallery where Lawrence Grimm exhibits his work
taywa – web competence (developed this website)
The comic magazine where Lawrence Grimm works as publishing manager part of the week
Strapazin-Atelier – workplace with 300 square meters of artists’ territory in the west of Zurich
LONIF – Laboratory, Office & Network of Inventions & Fractals – orbited by "Teatime for a Universe"

Teatime Friends

"Teatime for a Universe" marvels at OceanCare, an organization focussing on the protection of marine life and its habitats. With dignity, constancy and endurance, OceanCare commits itself to the conservation of dolphins, whales and marine protected areas, to research and the protection of marine animals from ocean noise and plastic pollution, among many other activities.

Go to cartoons tagged with ocean. Also check out the cartoonist's guest blog post on the OceanCare blog about his love for the big sea.