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About Lawrence Grimm

Lawrence Grimm, born 1978 in Zurich, Switzerland, is half Australian and half German. He studied writing, directing and editing at the Zurich University of the Arts. The experience he gained there to tell stories in pictures he transferred to the world of cartoon drawings. Based on various ink scribbles “Teatime for a Universe“ emerged, expanding from the chaotic synaptic whirling of the human brain towards faraway regions of a surreal world – a feedback from the big to the small and from order to chaos. The pictures within this universe tell of humans and creatures in daily situations as well as dream zones. In moments of fear and solitude they keep on longing for the breeze of life and set out on a journey in search of happiness.


Currently Lawrence Grimm lives in Zurich, Switzerland. He works fifty percent as a marketing assistant and invests the other fifty percent in „Teatime for a Universe“, mostly working in the Strapazin Atelier, a huge hall full of cartoonists, illustrators, game designers and other inventors.

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